Community Garden

Each year, the Brown County Parks and Recreation Department sponsors the Community Garden program at Deer Run Park.  If you would like to grow your own vegetables and aren't able to do that at your home this is the program for you!

Rentals Fees:
$20.00 - 15' x 15'
$20.00 - 14' x 17' (Organic)
$30.00 - 14' x 30'

To participate in the program you must complete an application form and agree to the following rules and regulations:

1. The BCP&R and/or it’s appointed representative will assign plots. Current gardeners have priority in retaining their existing plots. 
2. Plots must be cleared of all trash, cages, etc. by October 30th to be eligible for renewal. 
3. Gardeners must consistently maintain their plot(s) throughout the garden season, such as weeding, watering, harvesting ripe produce and removing all dead or diseased plants. Gardeners must make arrangements for someone to weed, water and harvest in their absence. 
4. Pathways must be kept clear of overgrowing plants, gardening supplies and equipment. 
5. Equipment may be stored in your own plot(s). Items will need to be stored in a way that does not collect water to provide a habitat for mosquitoes. 
6. A Water Spigot will be available at site. When using hoses gardener will make sure that there is no damage done to other plots. Please remove nozzle after watering. 
7. Gardeners will remove any trash they generate including empty plant pots, and trays from the garden area. 
8. Pet must be leashed within the garden area at all times. 
9. Report vandalism, theft or suspicious behavior to staff immediately. BCP& R is not responsible for any damage or theft of produce or personal belongings. 
    ➢ If you can no longer tend to your plot, notify us. Do not abandon plot. 
    ➢ Gates must be kept closed while attending plots.

For additional information contact:
Brown County Parks and Recreation Dept. (Deer Run Park)
1001 Deer Run Lane, PO Box 299
Nashville, IN 47448